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Handed my resignation in last Thursday. My final day is (I believe) the 9th, and I start my new gig on the 19th October.

I also received the new (to me) speakers!

B&W 803D

B&W 803D

B&W 803D

The tweeter is actually a giant industrial diamond (well, sorta… they fuse a lot of tiny ones together to make a single 1.5" dome). I got to listen to them for a few hours over the weekend before re-packing them and moving them upstairs (I need to re-design the room they'll eventually be in). They're really quite lovely, but I need some alone time with source material I am familiar with, rather than Bill's random assortment of discs he had on-hand. The temp location was also horrible. In listening position, the mid/bass drivers were cut off from the listening position by several large pieces of furniture. Standing in front of them, while way too close, it was like being at the recording. So many subtle details are revealed that you couldn't really make out before with quite-nice-but-lesser speakers. It'll take me awhile to get used to them.

The new amp comes Tuesday. I think I am going to get a cheap pre/pro as that component seems to be in a lot of flux right now. Many competing encoding/decoding standards, and the better brands haven't caught up, but by the time they do, I reckon at least a few won't be used 'in the wild'.
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